Former Faculty

Clay Quarterman

Assoc. Prof. of GEM Bible Institute, Tojal, Portugal, 1980-1993; Prof. of Odessa Presbyterian Seminary, 1997-1999. Church planter 1979-2003. Teaching elder of Mississippi Valley Presbytery, PCA, since 1978. President, ERSU, 1999-2015; Co-founder of ERSU.

Jos Colijn

B.A., Dutch Literature – Utrecht, 1983. M.A., German Language and Literature – Utrecht, 1983. Doctorandus, Theological University of the Reformed Churches (liberated), Kampen, Holland, 1992. Guest lecturer Dutch Theology, 1992-1996, Debrecen Theological Seminary, Hungary. Professor Church History, 1993-1996, Sulyok Istvan College. Oradea-Nagyvarad, Romania. Teacher / director 1994-1996, Mission School of Zakarpathia, Ukraine. Pastor – IJsselmuiden, Netherlands, 1997-2001. Teacher / missionary for the Reformed Church of the Netherlands (Reformed mission in Ukraine – Hattem), 2000-2014. Academic Dean, ERSU, 2001-2014.

Rod Gorter

Th.M., Calvin Theol. Seminary, 1998; B.A. in Psychology, Dordt College, 1983; MAR, Westminster Theol. Seminary in Calif., 1985; M.Div., 1986. Pastor, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 1988-92; Pastor, Worthington, MN, 1992-97. Prof. of Odessa Presbyterian Seminary, 1998-2000. Minister of the Christian Reformed Church, serving with International Theological Education Mission (ITEM). ERSU Board Member, 1999-2003. Dean of Students, ERSU, 2003-2006.

Eric Huber

M.Div., Chesapeake Theol. Seminary, 1997; B.A., Univ. Maryland, 1987. Assoc. Prof. of Chesapeake Theol. Seminary. Teaching elder of Potomac Presbytery, PCA, 1989-. Dean of Students, ERSU, 1999-2003.

Martin Nap (1941-2008)

Co-Founder of ERSU, former Academic Dean

Mel Pike

M.Div., Reformed Theol. Seminary, 1977. Assoc. Prof. of Mid-America Theo. Sem., 1993-6; Pastor, Littleton, Colo.; Church-planting Team Leader, Kherson, Ukraine, 2001-2003. Teaching elder of Rocky Mountain Presbytery, PCA. Adjunct Prof. of ERSU Seminary, 2000-.

Alexander Bukovietski

Former Dean of ‘Istoki’ Bible College. M.Div, Covenant Theol. Seminary.

Scott Andes

M.Th. (Cand.), Univ. of Wales (2009-). M.Div., Columbia International Univ. (2000). World Witness Missionary to Moscow (2002-4), then Central Asia (2004-7). Navigators Collegiate Ministry, Moscow (1993-6). Minister of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. Dean of Students, ERSU, 2008-2016.

Former Guest Lecturers

Dennis Ireland Gospels
Paul Alexander Homiletics
Dean Anderson Acts and Pauline Epistles
William Barkley General Epistles and Revelation
Jerram Barrs Evangelism and Apologetics
Al Bazuinen Intro into Reformed Theology
Ad de Bruijne Ethics
Dolf Britz Church History
Harry Backer Church, ministry, and Christian education
Richard Watson Theology of ministry
Peter Vos Faith, culture, and society
David Galetta Gospels; Acts and Pauline Epistles
Willem vanGemeren Prophets; Pentateuch
Gerrit Glas Ethics
Clair Devis Eastern and Western Church (1100-1700)
Roel Kuiper Faith, culture, and society
Peter van de Kamp Homiletics
Henk van de Kamp General Epistles and Revelation
Barend Kamphuis Holy Spirit: Person and Works
Gert Kwakkel Historical books of OT
Frank Kick Worship
Thomas Keane General Epistles and Revelation
Nelson D. Kloosterman Gospels; Faith, culture, and society
Wayne Cobes Historical books of OT
Josef Crambley Pastor as Apologist
Mark Kraizer History of Missions
Robert Lynn Spirituality; Faith, culture, and society; Ethics
Hans Maris Holy Spirit and Eschatology
George Omerley Pentateuch
Oleksandr Pronin Greek
Kees de Ruijter Homiletics
Duncan Rankin Eschatology
Guy Richards Intro into Reformed Theology
Wolter Rose Hebrew; Poetical books and Wisdom literature
Larry Roff Worship and music
Tom Saxon Worship and music
Bill Smith Christ and salvation
Henk Stoker Apologetics
Steve Suits Biblical Interpretation
Rob Toornstra Homiletics 2
Will Traub Poetical books and Wisdom literature; God, man, and sin; Historical books of OT; Intro into OT
Natalia Turovska Theological English
Steven Williams Pastoral care
Guy Waters General Epistles and Revelation
Bob Fike Greek
Chris Fantuzzo Historical books of OT
Lambert Floor Acts and Pauline Epistles
Kees Haak Elenctics
Mark van der Hart Holy Spirit, Church, and Eschatology
Rob van Houwelingen General Epistles and Revelation
Langston Haygood Pastoral care
Willen van der Horst Pastoral care
Steven Hage Gospels
David Chapman In-depth study of NT
Douglas Shepherd Leadership and discipleship
Wolter Elwell Gospels
Klaas Jager Leadership and communication